Linear Equations in Two Variables Calculator

Introduction :

A linear equation is the collection of the variables, constant and arithmetic operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equal operators which makes a straight line when we graphed that linear equation.

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Ex: 2x + 3y= 5

Here x and y are variable

+, = are operators
Linear Equation in Two Variables Calculator:

To solve the linear equation using calculator, we have to enter the value of coefficient of x and y and the constant term. After pressing the solve button the value of x and y will be displayed on answer box. The linear equation calculator is shown below.

Linear equation in two variable calculator

Types of solving Linear equation:

Substitution method
Elimination Method
Graphical method


To solve linear equation in substitution method,

Step 1: Solve the equation of one variable in terms of another variable.

Step 2: Then plug the value of the variable in another equation, we get a single variable equation.

Step 3: The next step is solve the single variable equation to get the value of the variable.

Step 4: After getting the value of one variable plug the value in any of the equation to get the value of second variable.
Example Problem on Linear Equation in Two Variables:

Ex 1: Calculate the unknown variable for the following linear equation.

2x – 3y = 5

4x+8y = 48
Sol: Step 1: Rearrange the first equation,
2x – 3y = 5
3y =5-2x

Y = (5-2x)/3

Step 2: Plug this value for y into the second equation;
4x + 8/3(5-2x) = 48

Step 3: Expand and simplify the equation:
12x + 8(5-2x) = 48*3
12x +40 – 16 x = 144
-4x = 144-40

-4x =104

Divide by -4 on both sides, we get

-4x/-4 =104/-4

X =- 26

Step 4: Plug x value back into one of the original equations;
2(-26) -3y = 5

-52 – 3y = 5

-3y = 5+52

-3y =57

Divide by -3 on both sides

-3y/-3 = 57/-3

Y =-19
Linear equation of two variable x =26 and y =-19


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