Make A Tally Chart Online


     Make a tally chart online is the important topic of statistics. It is helpful to convert the statistical data into tally mark format. It is very helpful to read the large data. Here the data is splitter into number of bunch. Here one bunch is same as  5 counts. For Example the given data is 9. This 9 is splitter into 4 + 1 + 4. It can identify by 9 tally markers.


Steps to make a tally chart online


It contains the following steps

Step 1: First we can collect the given data and listed the given data in the tabular format

Step 2: Generally the table is the collection of rows and columns.

Step 3: Columns identify the number of data.

Step 4: Rows identify the tally marks

Step 5: We know that the formula is 1 bunch = 5 counts

Step 6: First we have to draw the 4 straight lines.

Step 7: Finally draw the 5th line that is crossed the previous 4 straight lines. This forms one bunch count

Step 8: Then we can start to draw the next bunch of tally marks

Step 9: Again we can begin to draw the next four straight lines.

Step 10: Now the total count is ten that is set of two bunches.

These are the procedure to make a tally chart through online.

My forthcoming post is on Ray Geometry with example,and this topic Least Common Denominator Finder will give you more understanding about Math.

Problems to make tally chart through online


1. The following data represent the particular file count of the comapny .Go through the following data and draw the tally chart .



This is the exact method to make a online tally chart through online. Here 1 bunch is equal to 5 feed counts.

2. Go through the tally chart marker then identify the number of data on the given table


  • It contains three so totally here 3 chart tally marks
  • It contains one bunch and one line only so totally here 6 chart tally marks
  • It contains one bunch and three  lines so totally here 5  + 3 =8 chart tally marks
  • It contains two lines so totally here 2 chart tally marks
  • It contains one bunch of tally make therefore it is counted as 5 tally marks.

I like to share this neet cbse with you all through my article.


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